Friday, September 21, 2007

The best thing about being a woman... the ability to change your mind whenever you want.

What I'm referring to is the fact that I keep changing the potential recipients of my knitted items. For example, I was knitting myself these cabled socks (pattern is Cabletini from WendyKnits):

But then I remembered that my grandma's birthday is this week. And she's coming to visit next weekend (which is Parent's Weekend), so I couldn't just get away with a phone call. And even though she's not exactly a "normal" grandmother, she has recently sent me some really sweet letters and is paying for my college experience (and bought me a mini-fridge when my roommate moved out...long story). So I decided that the homemade socks would go to her instead, granted I finish them in time. I have all next week to work on them, and hopefully I won't have too much more work (I'm supposed to be doing it now. Yes I know it is Friday, but I'm exhausted and I don't want to have to do it next week) to finish.

Here are some more pictures of sock-in-progress:

Also here are updated pictures of my i-cord gloves, the hats I'm making for innocent drinks (check out this for more information), the ribbed lace bolero, and my death eater scarf(which, in the spirit of mind changing, I have decided to give to my friend Sarah, not Sam):

I'm sorry the background of the pics are so messy, my desk is a mess and I take a lot of pics on the computer.

Anyway, waiting in the wings is Cherie Amour, Patti, and the Best Friend Cardigan. I still need to finish the socks first though!

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