Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Short Post with Pics

I finally got onto Ravelry! It turns out that I got the email in June but my spam filter ate it. So now I'm on, and my name there is knitwitted.
I'm supposed to be working, but of course I couldn't resist posting when I had NEW JAYWALKER PICS!!!
So here they are! I'm almost up to the toe on the first one (I think the 2nd one will go faster because I plan to do it on a road trip out to the Hamptons and then on the beach)!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sexy Socks!

So...I haven't posted in a bit (doing a whole lot of nothing tires me out). But here are some lovely pictues for you!

I finished my first Sidewinder! And in a moment of weakness, I told my mom about the secret Sidewinders and gave her the first one:

That's my foot modeling it, not hers.

Then I did some work on MS3. I'm not a slow knitter, but I still haven't finished Clue 1. I did start a week late, but I'm just being lazy about it and not doing it (plus I am one stitch off so I'm figuring out how to add it back in without ripping anything out. I think I'll just skip 1 decrease)

Me being all giggly and holding up my knitting

My progress so far (yeah, you can laugh at how crappy it looks in this lighting)

And finally, my multicolored Jaywalker!

You know how they say to do toe-up socks because then you can try it on? Well I keep trying this one on anyway and it's cuff-down. So haha toe-uppers (even though I think I'll do my next pair toe-up so I can try it on for real).

After knitting it through 6 movies (in Transformers every time it got really loud and scary I just concentrated on my knitting!), I finally took my Lelah off the needles to try it on (I don't remember if I got gauge or not and I followed the pattern for a large) and it fit! I still need to lose a few pounds though to make it look better. It will be cute anyway, so I'm excited.

Maybe by my next post I will have finished Clue 1 (I only have 1 row left) and my Jaywalker and possibly started the 2nd Sidewinder. Or I could have nothing done. Who knows!

Love, A.Co

Sunday, July 8, 2007

FOs and the end of my sanity

So...this past Friday was my birthday. And my parents got me the Twinkle Big City Knits book that I asked for!

So here's what I'm currently knitting:
Nona's Sidewinders (have 1 ready to be grafted but I forgot to take pictures)
Jaywalkers for my friend who lives in Korea

Another one of these in blue (this one was given to my friend as a graduation gift but modeled by my mom before I wove in the ends)

I know it looks horrendous over yellow. It's the Anthropologie inspired capelet. The one I'm making in blue is the same size (I made a few mods to this to fit better) but longer in the back and sleeves because it's for my mom. Then I'm making another one for a friend (I told her she was helping me destash). They're pretty easy to make so I don't mind making several.

I'm not too far off from finishing my Lelah in blue Simply Soft either. I bring it to the movies because I'm on the boring stockinette part now.
I'm also doing MS3. If you didn't sign up, it officially sucks to be you! Just kidding! It's my first real foray into lace and I'm loving it!

Here's a vest I made for my friend in Slytherin colors out of Woolease about a month ago. She's in England now and hopefully she will wear it when the book/movie comes out and will take lots of action shots. (excuse my messy bed in the post-blocking pics)

I'm biting my nails waiting to get on Ravelry. I think I signed up in May, but I still haven't gotten an invite yet!
Next on my agenda:
I looooooove this. I'm not sure what I will make it out of (like I said, I'm destashing to get ready for college) but I know it will be gorgeous.
My mom emailed me these footies. I think they're cute and I have some sock yarn I want to get rid of.
Maybe about a hundred Isabeaus (or is is Isabeaux? I did take AP French, you think I would know the difference) out of stash yarn.
And I don't know any young children but I think that this sweater is the cutest thing ever, but I might do it in different colors.