Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Yes, I finally caught Startitis off of Ravelry. Actually I only started one new item so far. It's the Fake Isle Hat from Magknits! My first normal Fair Isle project (meaning not intarsisle, which is my own weird mix of Fair Isle and intarsia):

Please ignore my weird faces. It was late at night.

I finished the body of my BFC. You can't tell because I should have had someone take a pic of it instead of trying to do it myself. Here are some cable shots though!

I've had quite a few tests this week (I had two today, hopefully I did well on both), so I've been knitting to take my mind off of the stress. One more tomorrow (Linear Algebra...ahhh!) and a paper due Thursday. And then I'm free (ok I still have work, but I have October break in two weeks, so I will actually be free!). I'd like to finish my BFC and Cherie Amour (casting on as soon as BFC is finished) finished by the time I get home. Also I need to get some buttons for the BFC at home, but that shouldn't be a problem. Depending on the weather I will most likely wear one of the sweaters to Rhinebeck!!!! Should be exciting, since I've never been there before.

Anyway, I have class in half an hour so I better go grab a frozen yogurt or something =)
Love, A.Co

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